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The tricking of a gullible person. It's like blindfolding, except no blindfold is required because they are so gullible.
"How did she make him think a grapefruit was her mouth?"
"She blondfolded him by telling him it was her mouth and the dumb fuck didn't question it. She also blondfolded him when he caught her with a chick and she said they were practicing wrestling. He bought every bit of it without a second thought! He's so fucking gullible. He's easy to blondfold."
#blondfold #blondfolding #blondfolded #blondfolds #gullible #trick #blindfold #blondefold #blondefolding #blondefolds #blondefolded
by rainbowdust919 December 29, 2014
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When you are caught between two blonds, and get folded in between them, which leaves you with no other choice but to fuck your way out
Me: Hey guess what!
Scrub: What?!
Me: Last night I got blondfolded by your twin sisters!

Yo, last night at the club I got blondfolded, IT WAS SICK BRAH!


I was trying to blondfold last night, but then Wipper showed up! DAMN it!
#blond #fold #blondfolded #blindfolded #booty #awesome #pimp
by Swaggmasta October 15, 2009
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