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(blog . sona) n; -noun.
the persona or digital personality that a blogger shows their audience / readers. This is not generally a falsehood or a lie, but more of a focus on a certain part of the blogger's personality. Some bloggers can be dishonest and have a total difference of personality, but that is different than accenting or framing a certain type of personality trait of the blogger through their writing. One's blogsona is the sides of the blogger's personality that they would like their readers / viewers to see, recognize, and connect with or be entertained by. Good examples are often of movie and restaurant critics, gossip / celebrity / style bloggers, or how-to or instructional bloggers.
Yeah, electronicoffee is totally bitchy sometimes in his reviews, but trust me- that's just his blogsona.

MrEd86 is way less spazzy in real life than his blogsona would make you think.
by Electronicoffee April 28, 2010
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