Someone who uses the writings on a blog to influence his or her interpretation of the world.


Do you study the world through the writings on blogs? It doesn’t matter if you are reading a blog or writing blog, you can be a blographer.

Blogging and reading blogs are behaviors where motivations and outcomes are unique to each individual, but the effect is to expand one’s perception of the world around them and participate in it.

Bloggers write, and by “write” we mean they write regular online entries chronicling their ideas, beliefs, and points of view on the world.

Ethnographers write, and by “write” we mean they create verbal compositions about the participatory immersive interactions that their fieldwork is based upon.
A blographer is someone who blogs about blogging.
A blographer is someone who blogs about people who blog.
A blographer is someone who studies the blogosphere.
by blographer the first March 19, 2010

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