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1:40 AM June 12th 2010. A massive kick / Ban spree on DJ-Keemstar's Blog TV channel. Some of the "Moderators" on the channel viciously kicked and banned almost every single person viewing the channel at the time. The crisis was contained by Moderator AChimimunima, and DJ-Keemstar himself when the Moderators doing the kicking and banning were themselves banned from the channel.
The blogocaust of June 12th 2010
#dj keemstar #blogocaust #blog tv #moderators #banned
by iGweilo June 11, 2010
when moderators on blog tv turn on the show boradcaster and kick everyone form the channel. yes is that dumb.
a mod on dj keemstars show is all like HAHA then he kciks everyoen until he is banned hence the blogocaust
#booted #kicked #banned #removed #taken out of
by jumbojuicebox June 11, 2010
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