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adjective (origin: California English)

1.) the level of deliciousness that a blog webpage contains in order to satisfy the hungry readership consuming the information.

2.) not only representing a whole entire blog site, but may also be applied to a portion of its contents - Example: a "post" by the blogger.

3.) about a person, it can denote a blogger that is HOT
1.) "I was starving for information on how the finger mustache trend started and found a bloggerliscious site from Germany that told me all I needed to know for my master's thesis on the evolution of Mustache Facial Art "

2.) "I read her entire page, but nearly drooled over a bloggerliscious post on Ashton Kutcher passed out on a beach naked with photo links!"

3.) "Her blog is entirely stupid, but she is way bloggerliscious, so i just scan through her videos or photos"
by Digital Sweet June 14, 2011
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