A single hemorrhoid that protrudes from an ass hole. Looks much like a clit, except its on a butt instead of a pussy. Otherwise known as a butt clit.
She was licking my blit just like it was a pussy!
by sixcube April 12, 2009
Top Definition
Blit, noun.

1.A malicious, evil, unpleasant, selfish or otherwise contemptible person.

(example: Timmy's mom is a blit.)

2.Anything difficult or unpleasant.

(example: This job is a blit.)

3.Any part of anything, whether ones body or a part of an object.

(example: Dude, if you don't stop I'm going to kick you in your blit.)
"Eh, it goeth swimmingly. I flaked a blit earlier in Westfall and the chakker fled like the scared blit he was."

A filler word usually for "bitch".
by Carpe Nocturn January 09, 2008
after smoking large amounts of marijuanna
Yo this guy is blit.
got blit?
by gotblit? March 08, 2006
Being extremely high, to the point you don't know what is going on.
"Last night, I hit 9 bowls and was blit out of my mind!"
by SandKouf March 16, 2008
Blazed as tits.
Dude, I just smoked some weed and now I'm blit!
by Ivyyyyyyy May 09, 2010
butt clit
I like it when Eddy sticks his finger in my butt when we make love, as to stimulate my blit.
by doodooking13 June 25, 2012
Geordie slang for a woman's front bottom.
Man at graft checks his lunch box: "Wor lass has give us the same sarnies again. I'm gonna kick her reet in the blit toneet."
by Rita and Sue September 11, 2009
a fat ugly bitch.
S: Did you see that blit from Lehighton posting pictures of herself on facebook?

T: Yeah, I saw her walking around Weisport last week.
by Inbreds July 25, 2011
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