1) verb: in the game of beer pong the act of a girl attempting to blow a spinning ball out the cup at the same time that a dude is attempting to finger a spinning ball out of the cup

2) noun: blinger is the act of a man receiving a blow job at the same time as he is fingering the woman

3) verb: the act of performing the sexual act known as a blinger (see definition 2)
1) Seriously - is that legal? That was a blinger. Check the laminated rules

2) That girl's cooch was so nasty that when she asked me to 69 her I made her settle for a blinger instead

3) Bling her? I barely even know her - but I certainly would never go down on her
by pool party 2011 June 26, 2011
Any kind of diamond encrusted or gaudy gold rings worn on the fingers.
He not only had a mouth full of crunk, but you should have seen his blinger!
by Pherensian March 28, 2011
admitting that you'd have sex with a female
ayo dawg, she got a fat dunk. fuck it, i'd blinger.
by blinger12332 December 12, 2010
A Blinger is somebody who spends money foolishly on fancy but worthless items such as spinner wheels.
I can't believe that Blinger put eight-thousand dollars worth of bling-bling rims on that two-thousand dollar Chevy Monte Carlo!

I bet that Blinger thinks he can go off-road with those twenty-two inch rims and low profile tires on that Hummer.

They ought to shoot the Blinger who put that flame paintjob on that Lexus.
by Large1 November 16, 2005
n. Crude term for the Female genitalia
"Your Mom asked for it right on her blinger."
by Funklord76 February 06, 2005
An amazingly gorgeous female.
There are no blingers in Lebanon, Pennsylvania; however, there are plenty within the covers of Playboy, Maxim, and Stuff.
by BONE May 03, 2003
one that engages in sex
"I'll out bling bling all you bling blingers". from 'Rock da bling bling' copyright 2001 M.T.Thomas
by michael t thomas August 22, 2006
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