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Blind Walkthrough stand's for when a player record's themselves (Optional: Microphone, face) playing a game and completing it, without playing it before.

This is called a Blind walkthrough, since the audience watches the player play and struggle to complete the game with (Usually) no help or guidance whatsoever. The audience take's part in the frustration and other emotion's with the player if they are somewhat fucking emotional.

As the player complete's the game, the audience not only learn's how to complete the game, but take's LOLOL's at their struggle's and pain to complete the game. Especially if the player is playing a horror game.
- Example of a horror game Blind Walkthrough -

PewdiePie before Evolution: -See's monster- Run's away silently. Nope nope. Just no. :c

Audience: Lolol. :D:
#amensia: the dark descent #pewdiepie #lolol #video games #horror games #meme
by Sir. Escoure di malor -siptea- March 19, 2012
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