A discrete way to say you are going to kill someone or smoke weed also used by rudeboys when saying goodbye
Ex1, How many people you bless is how you measure your success

Ex2, yo we about to roll up and bless this shit
Ex3, I gone get goin den aight me bredren bless
by gdizzlex April 15, 2011
A word for parting used primarily by the chavs and gangstas that inhabit London.
Hizzy B: Oi bruv im goin'
Roger: Aight bless
by Hizzy B November 12, 2008
when a rapper/mc is about to rhyme well or has rhymed well.
1. Yo, he blessed the mic.
2. I'm bout to bless the mic, son.
by stealph September 09, 2008
The mucus coming out of your nose.
p1: A---a----CHOO!!!
p2- Ah, bless you.
p1: thanks.
p2: um... you have bless running down your nose.
p1: oh... um... I'll get a um...
p2: Tissue
p1: tissue, yeah... bye.
by SuperHeroLiza September 05, 2008
The most famous rapper to come out of Montreal at this point. Has worked with The Perverted Monks, Twista, Guru and Mr. Wiggles, to name a few. He has good lyrics, good beats, and a damn good flow. If he was to get more album promotion, he would go gold effortlessly, platinum quickly.
He also owns his own record label, Platinumberg Entertainment. The next Eminem.
"A hustla's a hustla, I can respect that
But i'm an asshole, you need to accept that" - Talkin To Me

Person 1: Who's Bless?
Person 2: He's a rapper, duh.
Person 1: Ohhhhh, you mean that fighter in Def Jam Fight For NY?
Person 2: Yeah.
(long silence)
Person 1: ...Who's Bless?
Person 2: Go buy Platinumberg: The Movement. Then you'll see what I mean.
by A. Beckford August 11, 2006
1. another meaning for fuck.
Cathlic Priest: Let me bless you my son.
Boy: Please father no
by ARIOCHE December 11, 2003
The way to say "that was so stupid, even a blonde wouldn't even have done it, muppet," without actually offending someone.
Mom: "Billy just keked his breeks."
Pop: "Bless."
by LucySkyDiamond April 03, 2005

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