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A Blen is slang for a British bomber in the popular MMOFPS 'Battleground Europe.'

Once described by certain players as 'A Char with the flight model of a brick' this plane has two variants. The IF and the IV. The designated number stands for the amount of seconds it flies for.
Player A: Dude, freaking sweet i got a blen.
Allied Pilots: LOL
Axis Pilots: LOL
by JPanzerj April 27, 2009
another name to classify a female or a group of females.
A Tae Mula, look at them blens over there.
by 24hour June 16, 2009
A party host who accepts all people from social circles and simply by being around, emits an anti-drama field over the entire event. Occasionally pulls out table-top games in an attempt to see how well one can follow complex rules while intoxicated.
See my buddy over there in the orange shirt? He's totally (a) Blen.
by Peter Pan of the Basement January 20, 2009
Blonde, Ten(Out of 10)... The most perfect combination...
Hey Stewie, this chicks a freakin Blen.
by MT November 24, 2003

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