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(noun, adverb/adjective)

1 to greet or acknowledge, but only slightly
2 to express sentiment or mood, but only slightly

Not to be confused with blah the term bleh is generally utilized as a conversation deterrent. Oftentimes people find themselves at the mercy of a conversation they do not wish to participate in. This predicament is typically initiated by a person greeting another or by a person answering a question regarding their general state of health/well being with what might be called a conversation initiator. For example, if person A were to ask person B how he/she is doing, the answer might take the form of an unwanted 30-minute conversation. It is in situations like this, where there is pressure to acquiesce a measure of social etiquette with a response but insufficient time/desire to address the situation with the full answer as would normally be offered that we have use for this term. In definition 1 then the implied sentiment, if transcribed, would be, "I acknowledge that you still exist...that's great...good work...I'd love to take the time to greet you properly but I simply cannot at the moment." (Note: it's possible that, in fact, you would not love to take the time to greet that person properly; in any instance)

Regarding definition 2, intonation is an important variable. Again the same theme of deterring a conversation is at heart, but in the interests of satisfying social etiquette the term may be used with varying intonation to reveal some extra detail as to the person's sentiment/mood. A short descending tone might, for example, reveal anger (another reason why you should not try to have a conversation with that person), while a stretched monotone might be used to express boredom or discontent. With experience this term can come to have a variety of specific meanings when accompanied by a mastery of its applicable intonation.
Mike: "Hey John!"

John: "Bleh."

by pharass April 26, 2006
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What Count Dracula would say while taking his Statistics Final.
by urmomeats October 14, 2009
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1. An involuntary utterance signalling an autistic mental traffic jam.

2. An utterance accompanying premature ejaculation.

3. An utterance similar to nheygn with which someone of diminished capacity works themselves up to say something stupid.
"Bleh, I'm not sure if I'm gay or not"

"Bleh, I don't sleep with dudes...so fuck off"

"Bleh, I got some stuff"

"Bleh, those girls totally got romped last night"
by Mr. Shwizzle January 07, 2009
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-can mean whatever you want it to.
-you can shout it at someone u don't even know and when they look, just act like you are doing something else.
-to get someone's attention.
BLEH!!!!!!! BLEH!!!!!!! BLEH!!!!!!!
by Auston Cain/Ben Brisbois December 05, 2007
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1. The sound one makes when vomitting.
2. A word to express the feeling of tired nausea.
1. (while head is hanging over toilet)"BLEH!"
2. Q. "How're you feeling?"
A. "Bleh"
by Chicken Fluff December 15, 2003
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adjective - not the best: i.e. "I'm feeling a bit bleh";

tired: i.e. "I'm feeling a bit bleh";

toey: i.e. "I'm feeling very bleh CYL";

anxious: i.e. "I am very bleh about seeing her again";

susan: i.e. "bleeeeeeeeeeeeh"
love: i.e. "i bleh you"
random silly noise before hungover sex: i.e. "bleh"
by bjvoz October 22, 2010
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the vomit sound; sound of disgust
Your face is bleh!
I don't feel good... BLEH!
by Beeb! January 03, 2008
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Bleh can be used a noun, adjective, or whatever else you want.
Bleh, I blehed my bleh today. It was so bleh bleh. So, you little bleh, what the bleh are you bleh today? AWE BLEH! You're bleh kidding me, bleh?
by Conrad B. January 14, 2008
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