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5 definitions by Raddichio

A word used when someone just gives up on what they are going to say
It was like, like, like... Bleh.
by Raddichio December 23, 2004
a combination of shit and crap. Used when you cannot figure out which form of the word to use.
"Dude i ran over your dog's tail."
"OH Shap! you retard!"
by Raddichio April 06, 2005
One of both asian and mexican ancestry. Both genetically and culturally associated people are considered asiaxicans.
Guy 1: " Check Out That girl! Shes an Asian-Mexican."
Guy 2: " Damn! an Asiaxican! the best of asian and latino chicks put into one... DAMN!"
by Raddichio April 06, 2005
Small black salty balls that are slightly salty, and are grown in the mediterranean area. They taste awful
Damn! My Sicilian Pizza Got Capers on it!
by Raddichio February 14, 2005
Since when did Hell become an adjective?
"Dat was hella sick"
by Raddichio February 15, 2005