The answer to all questions, a means in wich people can show emotion, a realy fun word to say, life the universe and everything else.
Teacher: The square root of 86 is
Student: Bleh
Teahcer: THats right
Man to woman: Bleh
same woman to same man: realy? That is so sweet. Bleh
by Alex Bradley (adb007123) November 06, 2005
Frustrated saying
Bleh, I can't get win98 working correctly.
by ragnarok2040 December 09, 2002
adjective - not the best: i.e. "I'm feeling a bit bleh";

tired: i.e. "I'm feeling a bit bleh";

toey: i.e. "I'm feeling very bleh CYL";

anxious: i.e. "I am very bleh about seeing her again";

susan: i.e. "bleeeeeeeeeeeeh"
love: i.e. "i bleh you"
random silly noise before hungover sex: i.e. "bleh"
by bjvoz October 22, 2010
An expression used for extreme confusion of shock.
Person 1: Your earlobes are lined up with your nipples.

Person 2: BLEH?!?
by cacebo March 06, 2010
confused, broken, f-ed up, not really into things
After I did a major fail in front of my friends, I felt really bleh.
by wheredidalltheflowersgo57? December 13, 2009
What Count Dracula would say while taking his Statistics Final.
by urmomeats October 14, 2009
the vomit sound; sound of disgust
Your face is bleh!
I don't feel good... BLEH!
by Beeb! January 03, 2008
Bleh can be used a noun, adjective, or whatever else you want.
Bleh, I blehed my bleh today. It was so bleh bleh. So, you little bleh, what the bleh are you bleh today? AWE BLEH! You're bleh kidding me, bleh?
by Conrad B. January 14, 2008

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