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Blegg is a slang term used to refer to a burger with blue cheese and an egg.
The phrase is in common use in Sheffield and came from Relish restaurant.
I'll have a Blegg please. Yes, a burger with blue cheese and an egg.
by Wiggman May 22, 2014
It is a Noun a Surname of English origin 1 BLAGG went to Tasmania Australia in 1841 courtesy of the English Governments 7 to 14 year "holiday" program He had 9 children but even now the family is small compared to other families. And when his children were born they had the name BLEGG not BLAGG he died as BLEGG.

Hence BLEGG is a Surname, or family name.
Nicknames are Bleggy, Bleggsy, Bleggels, and for the athletic minded Bleggski. It has nothing to do with the initial B and the surname Legg as in BLegg
by Bleggy May 22, 2009
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