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A man who is not afraid to hang straps from his bead.
I was going to smoke, but then i called bleek.
by Daniel Kegel November 07, 2004
BLog gEEK See blog & geek
Amy was a bleek because all she did was read other people blogs and add mindless observations to her own.
by feeble December 05, 2004
bleek / bleekers the origin of bleek derives from the italian culture and 1 kids NO 1 MANS DREAM who came from californEYEEEEYA and moved to nj with this dream being fucking mad hot bitches and smoking MAD weed everyday the story ends with him being a mere mediocre cal-p player (ps he loves to cuddle)
ummmmm what is this for
by MoocH November 06, 2004
A pilot with no fear, produces fear among enemies. Ownz in MW4,SOF2,CS,COD
OMFG...BLeEk is owning again!
by my name? November 11, 2003
Its like the cross over between bleek and weak. When someone messes up. you can respond with Bleek
Mata's inbox is messed up so he didn't receive an email he needed to responded with. My response: "Bleek"
by clondono August 13, 2015

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