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Someone who is overly obsessed with the anime or manga Bleach, they will claim that Bleach is the best anime ever, a lot of Bleachigos are converted Narutards who have switched from one set of beliefs that rejects everything to another.

However Bleachigos do not always go to the same extremes as a narutard as they may watch other anime or read other mangas, they will still say that Bleach is far superior to other anime though.

Also a common traight is for the main character of Bleach, Ichigo to be their favourite and they will go to quite a length to defend the character and his abilities
"I love Bleach, Ichigo is the best"
"God, your such a Bleachigo"

"What you reading?"
"Thats all you ever read, your such a Bleachigo"
by Billias June 16, 2008
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