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1. Smoking copious amounts of marijuana

2. The act of "blazing", or smoking pot to an extreme degree

3. A code used to ask if smoking is necessary at that given point in time.

4. An act that causes the following symptoms: eating, sleeping, and playing video games.
1. Bro... no more blazar. The last time we blazar'ed, I shat my pants in a movie theater, and I liked it.

2. Dude, be careful when you blazar. You might forget everything you learned that year.

3. Blazar? (Everyone starts packing bowls, rolling J's/B's)

4. Bro #1: (Enters house, sees roommate eating a whole pizza playing Xbox) "Did you just blazar?"
Bro #2: "yep." (passes out a minute later)
by Scotty Blaze November 11, 2011
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