n. Offensive Slang
A derogatory term for a homosexual man. A dookie-blaster.
Anyone man who pounds ass.
Guy1: Man are you goin' to club shizznit on Friday?
Guy2: Hell naw playa, it's a gay club Friday. Nothin' but blasters up in that piece.
by 10101011 June 25, 2004
An explosive orgasim.
by MayokeOni October 27, 2003
A shot of Jaeger dropped in a half glass of Red Bull.
Synonym for Jaegerbomb.
Z ran his bartab up to 200 bones on Monday night by ordering 35 blasters.
by bstone September 30, 2005
The guy in a gay relationship who plays the male role.
Jerdatty is Revenant's blaster.
by Reputable Source April 25, 2005
Hitting straight Tobacco/Cigarette/D out of a bong.
ewww man dave rips Blasters!
by Lois mculkan November 15, 2007
A male orgasm so powerful that anyone in its range will be killed. The power is not unlike that of a shotgun
Dolphin: i had a real blaster last night, the pool attendent is still floating around somewhere
by thisisbatcountry March 08, 2005
A really LEET cs player from Australia.
*DEAD*SomeRandom: WOw that blaster guy is a fucking leet cs player ogm!
by Mitch May 29, 2003

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