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A creation where a blue berry is inserted into a raspberry to create a divine treat. The word is a combination of its two main ingredients: "bl" from blueberry "asp" from raspberry. Together they make BLASP-BERRY!
Dude A: Hey, Paco, shall we have blueberries today?
Dude B: Um, I think I'd rather have raspberries this time.

Dude A & B together: then let's have BLASP-BERRIES!!!!!!!

Chick A; Blue berries are sooooooo good, but sometimes I want raspberries. And sometimes I just wish they were the same thing.
Chick B: Well, duh! Why don't you just eat a blasp-berry? They are blueberries inside raspberries. They are the hottest thing out there.
by apotusoa June 10, 2011
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