1. Blanus is a blend of the phrase, "bleaching my dirty anus". Blanus is really for the neurotic on the go. They're a mover and shaker, a jetsetter, and can't be bothered with a blemished anus. Persistent sufferers of swamp ass will sometimes resort to a blanus to keep some of the fecal matter our of their sweaty run off. When wiping your ass just doesn't do the trick, and you find yourself looking in a mirror through your legs at your spread cheeks and your exposed asshole, giving yourself the stink eye back, you're well on your way to a blanus.
What're you doing tonight?" "I'm going home for a blanus" "Do you mean you're gonna scrub bleach on your anus?" "I don't have time for you.
by Blanophile April 08, 2011
the result of too much homosexual but f*cking. It derives from "beeding anus".
Steve: "owwww stop Mick you'll give me a blanus!!!"
Mick: "That was the general idea..."
by Sharon June 30, 2003
An unnaturaly open space between the Blah and anus.
If you don't shut up, I'm going to tear you a blanus!

Suzie and I were going at it so long, and so hard that I tore her a blanus!
by Atrex December 18, 2005
After consuming too much liquid, your bladder somehow expands to connect to your anus - making it a blanus. Its very birdlike.
16 glasses of water a day has turned my bladder into a blanus.
by bwcodes March 03, 2009

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