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The act of making a Blanus.
I asked Jamie how she felt about blandzing, and if she'd ever let me do it to her.
by Atrex December 18, 2005
An unnaturaly open space between the Blah and anus.
If you don't shut up, I'm going to tear you a blanus!

Suzie and I were going at it so long, and so hard that I tore her a blanus!
by Atrex December 18, 2005
A blah is a vagina. Queers and Australians (no relation between those too, of course. :p) typically refer to the vagina as a blah. When the word vagina is said quickly, it can sometimes be mistaken for the word blah.
Go stick it in your blah!

I told Brenton's mother to stick it in her blah, but she didn't hear me.

Last week, I got Stacy to take her pants off and show me her floppy blah. It was nasty.
by Atrex December 18, 2005

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