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Black Dracula. Name of a cheesy blaxploitation horror movie from the 70's.
In this world there are only two real monsters, Blacula, and the son of Kong.
by Blake August 15, 2004
38 5
Dracula's soul brother
Vamp: whos that dude??

Dr.Acula: thats Blacula... my soul brotherrr!

Blacula: sup dawg, where the bloody pussy at!?
by Dr.Acula2 June 16, 2009
9 2
1)1972 Blaxploitation movie
2)In freestyle footbag a symposium double-over-down.
Blacula! BSOS baby! Ohhhhh yeah. 5 ADDs.
by Spit Blood June 22, 2006
4 3
1.An African/African American in which is ignorant through it's acts of nonscence and composing up rhymes to a beat that makes a so called "Song".
2.To be an idiot.
3.To love hip-hop rap.
4.The worst film ever.
A dark complectioned man who has a weapon and is a herbal supplament dealer.
by mike mellac January 11, 2004
2 35