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Black Dracula. Name of a cheesy blaxploitation horror movie from the 70's.
In this world there are only two real monsters, Blacula, and the son of Kong.
by Blake August 15, 2004
Dracula's soul brother
Vamp: whos that dude??

Dr.Acula: thats Blacula... my soul brotherrr!

Blacula: sup dawg, where the bloody pussy at!?
#blacula #dracula #soul #brother #brotha
by Dr.Acula2 June 16, 2009
1)1972 Blaxploitation movie
2)In freestyle footbag a symposium double-over-down.
Blacula! BSOS baby! Ohhhhh yeah. 5 ADDs.
#black #dracula #footbag #symposium #hackysack
by Spit Blood June 22, 2006
1.An African/African American in which is ignorant through it's acts of nonscence and composing up rhymes to a beat that makes a so called "Song".
2.To be an idiot.
3.To love hip-hop rap.
4.The worst film ever.
A dark complectioned man who has a weapon and is a herbal supplament dealer.
by mike mellac January 11, 2004
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