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A night of particularly severe drug or alcohol abuse accompanied by suicidal or self-destructive feelings in order to black out and forget about problems with a significant other or a break-up
Popularized by the song of the same name by Time Again.
George's girlfriend broke up with him this morning and he started drinking at 2. It's going to be a black night for him.
by K_Dogg March 15, 2007
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The best Runescpae clan out there. They pwn every mofo in wars.
I was pwned by the Blacknights today, and then I went back and BK pwned me again!
by BK_membor May 08, 2005
a clan that totally owns us, it's just a shame they've gove slightly inactive so we have to abuse them but then run like the girl scouts we are as soon as they get active again.

Blacknights totally own us, therefore we surrender our st00ph to you.
DF: war us BK u inactive noobs.
Blacknights: fine
DF: oh noes, u got 140 people signed up, we can't fight now.
Blacknights: don't go mouthing off then.
DF: we won't just don't hurt us.
by DF-Deathy June 07, 2006

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