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When a man has an erection and discretely hides it by pulling a
"Matrix." This move consists of the classic Neo backwards arch while a hand of preference slides into one's pants and flips the erect penis upwards into its natural position. The penis is then trapped between one's stomach and the elastic band from underwear.

The breezy at the strip club gave be a hard on. I slyly pulled a matrix before she even had a chance to notice.
by K_dogg January 12, 2007
A night of particularly severe drug or alcohol abuse accompanied by suicidal or self-destructive feelings in order to black out and forget about problems with a significant other or a break-up
Popularized by the song of the same name by Time Again.
George's girlfriend broke up with him this morning and he started drinking at 2. It's going to be a black night for him.
by K_Dogg March 15, 2007
also: dis-ass-tracted (which is also pronunciation)

To be distracted or otherwise temporarily useless because of a nearby hottie. See also disassatraction.

Literally a compound of distract and ass.
Steve didn't hear you because he was disasstracted by that hot blonde.
by K_Dogg March 19, 2007

n. - A hottie who causes you or your friend to temporarily lose the ability to notice anything else (to the point of complete distraction).

Literally a compund word from distraction and ass.

See also: disasstracted
There were way too many disasstractions in my physics lab for me to learn anything.
by K_Dogg March 19, 2007

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