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place. Tiny misspelled hamlet of no real significance that exists only to amuse the inhabitants of the more sophisticated surrounding hamlets. Abandoned cars litter the streets and feral cats roam the streets looking for chew-toys to savage. An alarm rings each night at seven so residents know it is time to roll up the sidewalks and take shelter in their meagre dwellings. The only settlement in Alberta, Canada that yearns for a forest fire to set it free from its misery. Taken from the Indians in 1823 it rapidly became a source of ground wheat and rabid mice. After the drought of 1867-1892 the settlers attempted to give it back to the natives but the natives pretended not to understand and slowly backed out of the meeting.

In the winter the glow from its street light, reflected off the ice fog that surrounds the hamlet, is sometimes mistaken for the northern lights.

A cultural centre hosts skater meets and punk gigs. Profunda Rosa had their first paid concert in Blackfalds but have eliminated this fact from their web site.

It was once used in a ribald limerick as a rhyme for "sack balds" but has no other claim to fame.

Let's go to Blackfalds this weekend. It isn't as bad as it used to be.

Are you kidding me? Blackfalds?
by gnostic1 May 19, 2011
A town in which you can drive through in a matter of 2 minnutes just north of Red Deer, Alberta. People from here, either are pyromaniacs or druggies and people who smell of pee. There's is also a number of dancers, and bars.
Ex: Did you know she carries seven lighters in her purse?

:Uh, duh she's from Blackfalds
by AMac996633 March 07, 2011

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