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When a woman with braces performs oral sex on a man and mutilates his penis.
Dude, you're walking funny, what's up? my girl has braces, she totally black and deckered me.
by Manuel Noriega April 21, 2005
Black and Decker is a sex postion for a girl who dosen't want to take her shirt off. The girl must be wearing a low cut shirt and showing alot of cleavage. Once this is complete the guy takes off all his clothes. He then has the girl sit down while he stands. After this is complete the guy puts his ass in her face and puts his penis into the breast slot provided by the shirt. Once this is done the guy titty fucks the girl up and down like he is using a black and decker drill as the girl gives his ass a rim job.
Spencer tried as hard as he could to give morgan the Black and Decker but failed.

Spencer might be the only one to actually try the Black and Decker on a girl.
by Nick Bongiorno June 11, 2008
When you get slapped in the face by a black penis and get called a "good little whore".
I got black and deckered by that guy last night!
by foxylesley September 19, 2006
When you get all horny and shit and you need that somethin' special so you go get a screwdriver. Then you pound your girls ass with it. Afterwards you take that very same screwdriver and use it to build a spice rack. You then give the spicerack to your women. DAMN!
"I Need a new spice rack. Will you black and decker me?"
by Nick Mcjesusman April 09, 2005
a guy who is incredibly cocky and toolish but thinks he comes off as cool
"Wow, that guy was super hot, but he seems like such a Black and Decker"
by Hurricane777 July 10, 2008
when a dildo is atached to a drill.
i got the black and decker out for my bitch last night she was screaming in seconds.
by jhdl123 November 10, 2009
When a black man has anal sex with a woman and the knocks her out (decks her).
Lexington Steele black and deckered Jenna Jameson in this movie i just saw.
by z. e. April 22, 2005

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