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An indian group in the Tribe of the Sugars. A twin group to the group Sha-Gal-Ow. Sha-Gal-Ow means Gallons of Sugar. The Black Sha-Gal-Ows groups animal was a wolf. The leader and only surviver of the Black Sha-Gal-Ows, and the Tribe of the Sugars is sacred and onley to be knon by a select of people. Sugarray is said to change in to a wolf-human under a full blue moon around the groups site. The only way to be accpted in the Black Sha-Gal-Ows is to eaither be born in the group and to prove worthyness of secret tasks at age 13,or to be a Black Sha-Gal for 5 years and to prove wortheyness. To be a Black Sha-Gal you must be elected by the leder of the Black Sha-Gal-Ows and everbody in the group must accept them,after they must go threw a cearamony with all the Black Sha-Gal-Ows. All other info is privite.
One groupe in the Tribe of the Sugars is the Black Sha-Gal-Ow.
by Sugarrays123 July 24, 2009
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