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(Noun) A real nigga who is always down to get drunk af, do some coke and go blast on a nigga

(Noun) A term of endearment that comes off as a derogatory term, often confused with 'fucking black'

(Verb) Two baboons fucking
"Shitttt man, you see how Dante handled that mothafucka? Popped that bitchass right in the face! Dante is a real black fuck!"

"I was telling my pastor, 'yo that nigga Ted is a real black fuck! I love Ted!' My pastor was like, 'What the fuckkkkkk? This nigga cray!'"

"Shit bitch, I was walking through the park the other day, about to hit the crack piece, and I see this black fuck going on! And these niggas were going at it!"
by blorpy October 20, 2016
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