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A diabolical, evil and cunning person, that you hate because he ruins peoples lives and has no morals. They are the world biggest crooks and are real hypocrites.
Example:"Don't trust that the guy, he's a Black Snake!"
by Ki2011 October 06, 2011
7 4

1. An anal pillaging in prison or otherwise, normally perpetrated by a black man with a large penis, or a white man with an abnormally large penis.
(Highly racist and derogatory)
Prisoner 1: Jeff got black-snaked by Lequan. His ass is completely tore up!!
by Spin.Me.Right.Round January 24, 2010
6 3
Verb - for a black male to have sex with a female of another race, specifically white females. A highly racist and derogatory term.
White Guy 1: Yo, I'm going to hook up with Cindy tonight.

White Guy 2: You don't want to do that dude. Marcus black-snaked her last week.

White Guy 1: Cindy was black-snaked by Marcus? That shit is ruined now.
by SANDNIGGA222 January 13, 2010
5 3
When the DEA raids dispensaries of weed (typically in California, where weed is semi-legal), the agents - who are dressed head to toe in black - stand in a line and hand things down the line very fireman-water-bucket-line style. It looks a lot like a black snake slithering.
I was going to get some weed today, but the Black Snake came through so I'm still dry.
by SamuelTheodore May 25, 2009
4 7
Some one whom does not or refuse's to shower for extened peirod's of time
Steveo is a black snake he has'nt showered in days,he is getting a little bit on the nose........!
by malcom douglas May 29, 2010
10 14
One of the coolest and most interesting sites I have ever seen involving snakes and how to tame them.

(See )
Hey have you checked lately?
by Dr.Hoofinheimer April 14, 2005
21 48