originates from the words "bitch" and "idiot." describes girls between the ages of 15-22 who typically are mildy attractive but have no other selling points. some characteristics of a bitti are overuse of the phrase "oh my god" and the word "like," the inability to hold an intelligent conversation, usually blonde hair and fake tanned to an ungodly extreme, after 1-2 drinks they are "so drunk" that the next dick they see just accidently falls into their mouth, and lastly, many have omnisexual names like, jordan, sam, jo or tyler.
There goes Sydney with two dudes tonight, what a bitti.
by bigfatblackd July 23, 2010
Top Definition
a group of close bitches
those are my bitti's
by Rhonda Burnicyhondenjering December 26, 2010
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