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may be used as an adjective or Pro-noun. A contraction of the words Bitch and Hitler to decribe a woman with extreme control and anger issues. A Bitchler has an unjusitfied place of authority over your life and loves to torture you for no specific reason aside from the fact that she can.
I just left Bitchler Ellen's class; she made two froshes cry again.
by K-Acorn November 10, 2010
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A group of popular kids who are bitches and rule the school like Hitler. The kings and queens are the ones who are the most popular. There the ones that always ruin the fun
"oh look, here come the bitchlers"

"Bitchler Boys"

"Bitchler Girls"

"So Bitchler Frank is a jerk"
by CarlGrimesduh November 29, 2016
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