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Denglish term for gender studies or women's studies.

Combines the German term for any science or branch of study (Wissenschaft, i.e. Sozialwissenschaft (social science), Medienwissenschaft (media studies), etc.) with the English "bitch." Denotes the often uptight and angry attitudes displayed by supposed feminists, who in reality judge and suppress the freedom of other women.
Female student living in Berlin: Let's pump some Bushido and Kay One and go hook up with random men at an awesome club!
Female student 2: but in my bitchenschaft class it says that rap music and casual sex are tools of the patriarchal society to exploit women...
Female student 1: stfu! I am an empowered woman with sexual freedom. fuck bitches get money.
#berlin #bushido #gender studies #feminism #womens studies #freie liebe #sexual revolution
by LessHappy October 17, 2011
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