Top Definition
1. Being Yelled At
2. A Good Talking to.
3. Screamed at.
I smacked my sister in the face, and was later
"Bitched out" by my mother.
by G2S October 08, 2005
When a person male or female just snaps at you for any reason.
My friend totally Bitched Out the waiter for getting their order worng.
by Liz A.B. December 31, 2005
In male prisons, the condition of being turned out for sex and made into another man's prison-wife.
The crew on C-block snatched up that new pretty-boy soon as he hit yard for their punk. He's so bitched out now they got him walk around in Daisy Dukes and Kool-Aid lipstick.
by BxMuscle November 04, 2011
When a male species tends to act like a female species after being frightened and or scared.
The other day we were at a party and I lit a firecracker behind steve and he Bitched Out like a sissy girl ,it was funny as hell
by troubledemon March 28, 2009
The state of being so disillusioned with the idea of forming a successful relationship with a woman, that you can't be bothered even trying.
"Man. I've been getting really good vibes off (insert woman's name here) but I still feel really bitched out"
by nick October 05, 2005
When a transvestite gets dressed up like a girl and does her makeup and nails etc.
tranny 1: "Hey, lets get bitched out tonight and go clubbing!"

tranny 2: "Sounds like a plan!"
by Jennifer Girl August 26, 2011
When the number of attractive women significantly outnumbers the men in a setting
Person 1: Yo man how was that party
Person : Man it was tight it was bitched out.
by cooper302c July 11, 2010
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