a public address system loudspeaker
I'm sick of lissing to that bitch box
by The man December 14, 1999
A person who is a complete asshole just another word for asshole....or jerk
Damn man he's the new bitchbox!
by dinobaby May 02, 2009
A speaker used for ordering your gut bomb at a fast food place, talking to a teller at a bank drive through, or pretty much any speaker through which you cant understand a word thats being spoken.
Me: "could I just cash this check, please?"
Teller: "bwah doolah achamoo"
Me: "what? what the fuck did you say? I can't understand you through that bitch box!"
by P.C.L. September 07, 2004
another word for a females vagina
I didnt mean to cum in her "bitch box" it just happened :(
by chia&zig November 07, 2007
Any female bathroom in a public setting.
Could be pub/club , restaraunt etc.
Traditionally known as a place females go to bitch about things.
My girlfriends just gone to the Bitch Box , she'll be back in a minute.
by Cameo August 12, 2004

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