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The overwhelming quality, expressed by certain females, that causes you to perceive them as a bitch after just one glance.
Bro, I just saw this chick in Kimball, she was really hot but she had way too much bitch swag.
by J-Lo 10 April 19, 2011
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Where a female's attitude becomes negative towards other people, also be bitching for a good while. Another being would be on her period.
Randy: "Dude, Allison has been talking mad shit lately and bitching to me for no reason.."
Paul: "Ahh the bitchswag, don't worry dude she'll get some if she's knocked up."
by GotThelife5 June 29, 2011
When a girl uses attitude or bitchiness while talking to a male, usually an ex.
My ex boyfriend tried to call me last week for a booty call, so in stead I cranked up my bitchswag and turned his sorry ass down.
by lovegoddess July 17, 2010

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