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A list of individuals who owe money of any amount to another individual. Being present on the list is shameful and degrading, making one equal in prestige as bird shit.
Yo, Kyle, I heard you owe Kevin duo bux; you're on the bitch list now!
by The 13th Hour June 09, 2009
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A list of people regularly passed in the course of a day, who have failed to respond to a greeting of some sort. e.g. a nod, 'hi', smile, grope, high five, etc., see also nod list, shit list,hello list.
"I saw that chick with the lazy eye at Starbucks again today she totally blanked me when I said hi. That whore's going on the bitch list."
by Jack Ruby Murray February 23, 2009
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1. Fuck Jessica
2. Lick Jessica
3. Head From Jessica
4. Finger Jessica
5. Smack Jessica in the Ass
ohhh ohhhh fuck my harder ohhh ohhhh cum in my mouth ohhhhhhoooohhhhhhhh
by 7 April 16, 2004
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