Sometimes, only rarely or if the person being called it knows what the person who's calling them it means, can mean a damn fine sexy ass woman.
You are some SEXY Bitch!
by cheaterstride September 06, 2011
A stupid female or a female dog.

Usually the first one!
Person A: Cómo se dice bitch en español?
Person B: You.
by AnataNoMesu May 08, 2011
literally, means a female dog. In other uses, it may refer to: A slang term for a complaint · Bitch (insult) is a pejorative term for "woman" or pacco girls.
them pacco girls are so bitchy everyone hates them.
by teaghantulldawg April 13, 2011
1. A female dog.

2. A whiny, inconsiderate female.

3. The act of whining or complaining.
My bitch likes to eat Iams.

That bitch just stole my kibbles!

Quit bitching about how my house smells like dog slobber!
by ILikeCupkaiks February 22, 2011
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