a female dog.
no, not a girl that is mean.
not a girl that ignores you.
it is simply a 'dog' thats is a female!

daughter: "Mum! I want a girl puppy!!!
Mother: " Darling i dont want a bitchin the family!!! daughter: "oh ok":(
by i keep it real bitches May 22, 2012
A pitch that goes very badly wrong. A bad pitch is a bitch.
"Man, that was a bitch, they almost called security!"
by stimpetta December 06, 2011
Bitch (n) - A person who has no grounds whatsoever in their assertions, but continues to assert (esp. in an absolute arrogant fashion). The bitch does not cease in his or her endeavor, even when the facts of the matter are well understood. The bitch is likely cause havoc to people who have different views. The bitch in question (BiQ) will usually exhibit Stubborn Complex (SC) where the more people argue with her the more she becomes arrogant (see also ASPD). Be sure to spot the BiQ in the act so that the BiQ does not fool you.
Bitch 1: No, No, No!

Bystander 1: Someone call the cops there is a BiQ on the loose! Ten-Four.
by VictimofaBiQ July 19, 2011
hammboner and his excessive whiney bitch ass behavior due to his passive nature and attitude
jeff, stop being a bitch.
by moilto May 11, 2011
a Dog.It BITEES sometims.Wide variety of dogs.A BITCH is a female dog,a dog is an animal.

Some people have anger problems.So if someone calls you a *bitch* you shud say this to them (see below)

"A bitch is a dog, a dog barks, bark is on trees, trees are nature, nature is beautiful <3
Thanks for the compliment.
Haha :)"

EXACTLY THAT =] lolololol your welc0me :P
My bitch ran away

"That bitch bit my leg"

"I'm allergic to bitches"

"That boy dog needs a bitch"

"I rather a male dog than a bitch"

=] enjoy xD
by Felix12345678 December 30, 2010
Any man whose pride and dignity has been stripped away from the woman that he loves or sleeps with.
Tom: Want to go to the bar later?
Jeff: Sorry man, Janet says we have a dinner date later.
Tom: Damnit Janet! You turned him into your bitch.
by Minabaisb December 21, 2010
a girl that is dumb. she likes to cause severe anxiety in her friends for selfish personal pleasure. she does not consider others feelings at all. but is consumed with her own life.
Alicia: "i have something really important to tell you. it involves you. but i cannot tell you."
Liz: "please tell me! this anxiety is making me nauseous. i'm going to cry."
Alicia:" oh its nothing"
Liz: bitch
by elliebelliewoods8 October 11, 2010

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