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Bitch Whiskey refers to "Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy", a drink sold in Maine in New Hampshire. It's various bottle sizes rank Number 1,2,6, and 9th of top selling alcohols in the State of Maine. Especially popular with the women of the state. Also known as Liquid Leg Spreader, Liquid Panty Remover, and when mixed with whole milk, Gorilla Milk and Fat Ass in a Glass.
How did you get that bruise on you cheek? The old lady was hittin' the Bitch Whiskey pretty hard last night and roughed me up.
by Heyward Jablowmee June 01, 2007
1. Dr. McGillicuddy's Fireball brand cinnamon whiskey, or any cinnamon flavoured whiskey, or any whiskey that is less than 80 proof, or any whiskey that is easy to drink. OR Any whiskey that Al is drinking
2. Allan Ogilvie
Where is Bitch Whiskey? I bet he's at the Haven drumming up a storm and getting tuned on bitch whiskey.
by HeavyDee October 01, 2014
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