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This is when three guys fuck one girl in the same hole, physically impossible yes, but the “bitch dick” would belong to the guy in the middle of the two other dicks. Similar to riding "bitch"(the middle of the back seat)in a car. Ride Bitch Dick or to be Bitch Dick...

Dude it was so salty last night, me Sam and Samar banged this chick out and I had to ride bitch dick.
by Woulfie November 20, 2006
70 48
a. an extremely small penis

b. an enlarged clitoris that resembles a penis
That girl locks the door when she changes so that noone will find out that she has a bitchdick.
by Brittany October 04, 2004
34 13
Someone who is both a dick and a bitch at the same time.
Dave is always a bitchdick one Fridays when he leaves before I get a chance to tell him he is working tomorrow.
by the-moyni May 23, 2009
21 7
1. A persion that has an abnormally small penis.

2. A dumb fuck
Shut the fuck up bitch dick.
by Tom January 24, 2003
14 14
A guy with a very small cock. This person may have been a female (homo) at one point in time. Also known as a needle dick, popsicle stick, and or tooth pick.
Nick: Is that a guy or a girl?
Chris: I don't know but it has 2 belly buttons.
Nick: dude thats not a belly button thats a bitch dick.
by theycallmeballsdeep March 21, 2009
6 7
a gay lady, or a crossdressing guy
person a: is that a guy or a girl?
person b: it's a bitch dick.
person a: oh.
by princessxxaixx February 16, 2009
4 5