The words bitch and snatch combined. Derogatory term for a woman that really pissed you off. Used when the words bitch and snatch used individually are not insulting enough. A stronger term used in place of wisnatch.
You're a fucking Bisnatch!
by Mizcreant December 12, 2010
Top Definition
A bitchy whore, although used to describe a guy who is neither bitchy or whoreish.

A joking way to call someone a whore without being offensive.
Oh no you didn't, bisnatch!
by causte March 08, 2005
1) A fancy way of saying Bitch

2) A fancy way of saying female dog

Girl 1: ahhhhhh this is too hot I wanted it to be 71 Degrees
but its 75
Girl 2: Stop being whinny, uh your such a bis-natch
by abercrmbie latina December 27, 2007
It is a mixture of a male bitch and an ashole.
Don't be a bisnatch.
by Anthony January 29, 2004
Slang for business - also slang for cunt which is slang for pussy which is slang for vagina.
None of your bisnatch.
Stay away from my bisnatch.
by Dexter March 26, 2003
"good" business, the kinda business you wanna have, gives ya street cred
all up in this bisnatch
by davey havok April 25, 2005
a: a small obnoxious dog (ie. toy poodle, Shitsu).

b: a person who displays characteristics which have been previously associated with small obnoxious dogs.
I hate that bisnatch.
by P-Titty October 12, 2003
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