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Short for biscuit, which is universal for bed.
Just crawled into the bisk. Yawwwnnn
by lambo-USN December 13, 2010
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Dried up and crusty semen. The residue found on dried masturbation tissues which haven't been properly disposed. Often found on the inside of underwear due to premature ejaculations
We knew Johnny had masturbated that day. There was bisk all over his trousers.
by HalfTobotHalfCop February 28, 2014
short for biscuit.
Kids have a strong fondness for bisks and chocolates.
by uttam maharjan May 13, 2012
A socially acceptable form of "bitch". To be used with emphasis in situations such as the workplace where it's not acceptable to use the word bitch.
Shut the F up you stupid as* bisk!
by zepper252 September 10, 2010

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