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A member of Biscuit Town, whose mayor is the Jon
Rabbit: "Jon, why do you smell like gravy?"
Jon: "What, you mean you really don't know this?"
Rabbit: "I haven't a clue why you would smell like gravy."
Jon: "How long have we been working together?"
Rabbit: "A hundred and fifteen years, I believe."
Jon: "Do you not know why I smell like gravy!"
Rabbit: "No, I don't."
Jon: "Well, it's quite simple there buddy, eheheh.."
Rabbit: "It's very pungent when you get closer."
Jon: "Rabbit! It's because I am the Mayor of Biscuit Town!"
Rabbit: "Eh?"
Jon: "Thank you. Stay fluffy, stay fluffy!"

Mary: "I'm a Biscuiteer!"
by Quesadilla Rider September 23, 2012
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