1. when a man blow's his load on a girl's face, tits, ass, etc.

2. the jizz, spermy's, cum
Last night I was fucking this slut, then I pulled out and gave her the birthday surprise.
by BH October 09, 2003
Top Definition
A sexual maneuver in which, on the recipient's birthday, the birthday person bends over in the dark. A large black candle is then carried in and "Happy Birthday" is sung. As the song concludes, the candle is lit and inserted into the ass of the person. The candle is thrust into the ass, once for each year of the person's age. At this time "Are you 1? Are you 2?..." is chanted. The candle can then be removed.
"Yeah, it was Debbie's birthday last weekend...We gave her a Birthday Surprise, she couldn't walk right for a week."
by lmerfudd October 08, 2008
a black wax candle is used in anal intercourse. Traditionally, Happy Birthday is sung as this is done.

omg. for my 19th birthday jack gave me a birthday surprise!
by hellogoodbye123456 October 15, 2008
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