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A creative person with a strange attraction to outlandish fruit such as pineapples and bananas.

Good at art and enjoys wearing strange hats and Hawaiian shirts. Or tees, whatever they feel like that day.
Person 1: "Dude, why are you drawing a man in a banana suit?"
Person 2: "I dunno, I just kinda feel like a Birm today."
by ThePandaBandit August 11, 2010
1 Word related to Birm
Winning or ending an argument with a witty pun that either ends the confrontation in laughter or pity.

Pity is the more common.
Person 1: "Did you hear that Eeyore's having a kid?"
Person 2: "Yeah, his name's Eeyore jr. They're gonna have a meet Eeyore shower."
You just got Birmed.
by The Panda Bandit August 14, 2010

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