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The Birds and the Bees is a story parents tell young children to teach them where babies come from. The story is told instead of teaching them about sex and biological concepts. In the story, the birds and the bees ask the other animals to help make a baby but they don't want to help. Instead the birds and the bees have to make the baby. The stork delivers the baby. The story is found in the book Birds, Bees, Babies by J.L. Sweat. The story is a santa claus-tooth fairy story for children.
1. I have to tell the story of the Birds and Bees.
2. She was trying to teach me about the birds and bees.
3. My father tried to talk to me about the birds and bees.
4. I never learned the story of the birds and bees.
5. What is the birds and bees story?
by Birds and Bees January 07, 2012