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Name of bird food used by Peter Sellers in the move "The Party".
"Um, birdie num nums." Peter Sellers mutters as he empties the box into the cage
by Cogswell Gearhead August 30, 2005
A line from hit movie, "The Party", starring Peter Sellers.
(To pet bird) Would you like some Birdie Num Nums?
by Megan L September 24, 2006
Delicious food; food that is especially tasty.
Grandmon's pumpkin pie is birdie num num.
by nicki, bridge, chris, antmannyanny November 27, 2003
To put face in cleavage and attempt a zerbert. Results in good times and giggles.
dude her tits are so big all i can think about is putting my face in them and giving her some birdie num nums.

Do you want some birdie num nums?
by Maria Menendez June 03, 2005
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