Completing a level of angry birds with only one bird and flipping a shit about it.
John: ohh ohh yes yes! Fuck yeah!
Paul: what happened?
John: I bet the level with only one bird!
Paul: and you had to have a birdgasm about it?
by Fallencrazy December 08, 2012
Top Definition
1. To be aroused by the mating rituals and/or calls of a Yellow Red Billed Hornbill

2. To have sexual thoughts and/or excitement with a very large seagull

3. Bird feeder sex
" I had my first african birdgasm at the local watering hole today."
"Dude, aren't they the best?"
"Fuck yeah, I was so aroused by its mating calls"
by sweetfhsccrunner June 04, 2009
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