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Noun - the ex-wife, future ex-wife or girlfriend who is the biological mother of children who is not parenting them because she is too concerned with dating, gold-digging or looking for her next meal-ticket. She uses men for things, not limited to but including, money, cars, jewelery, plastic surgeries, and social status in exchange for sex so she does not have to work a normal job or occupation.

Possesses the following negative character traits:

- Flips out of no apparent reason, burning everyone in site.

- Seeks power and control over people close to her at ANY cost.

- Abuses people closest to her because she can get away with it.

- Verbally and emotionally assaults people, especially men.

- Loves to be the victim.

- Mouths off to such an extent that others contemplate physical abuse - which in turn feeds victim status giving her the greatest gift she could have.

- No morals what so ever.

- Preys on weaker/nice people.

- Gets knocked up in order to have controlling role in relationship.

- Unable to have normal relationships with anyone. Has no long-term friends.

- Never changes, but expects the world to change for them.

- Predatory and parasitic
Neighbor 1: She is such a biologicunt.
Neighbor 2: I know. I hope her husband gets the kids. She can just be a whore then and the kids will have a real parent.
Neighbor 1: I hope he gets the house too so she moves out of the neighborhood.
Neighbor 2: She will probably move in with the douche bag swingers up the hill.
by SuperDad August 17, 2012
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