When you raise your arms and they're flabby
Me: Hey mom, can you get me a bowl
Mom: *raises arms*
Me: Nice bingo arms
by Ddlicious July 17, 2013
Top Definition
Bingo arms contain a mass of flabbage near the armpit. When jarred or jostled, the fat tends to move back and forth in the opposite direction. The excitement of winning BINGO at senior's night will prompt an increase of noticeability of these babies.
"BINGO!!!!" *old lady flaps the fat on her bingo arms around*
by lovelyrita(metermaid) June 28, 2011
A flabby upper arm that jiggles when you raise it and move it around, not unlike the arm of an overweight senior citizen who spends all her free time frantically waving her hand at the bingo table.
"Don't wave while wearing a short-sleeved shirt or people will see that you have a bad case of bingo arm."
by Kate the Grammar Vandal May 01, 2008
The phenomenon commonly indicated in aging geriatric patients, where the skin on the back of the arm (tricep) tends to hang flopsily.
"Man, what happened to you? You look awful."
"Well, my Aunt Gertrude knocked me out with her bingo arm. Hurt like hell!"
by Newbtoob January 04, 2009
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